Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Torrents and tribulations

We're coming to the end of the school year and for many families there will be big changes ahead. For us, there will be a huge shift as Monty starts Kindergarten in September and Eli and I begin our home education journey. I'm trying to get to grips with how I'm feeling about all that in the midst of very unsettling times in our valley and lots of general end-of-year, beginning of holidays, busy-ness.

The further flooding in the valley has been surreal and worrying. I found it difficult to tear myself away from images of the roads becoming raging torrents, bringing with them rubble, rocks and mud. The sheer volume of water that poured downed from the hilltops was incredible. This was the road outside our house.

Amazingly, the town seems to have picked itself up again. The roads have been cleared of their earthy detritus and the smell of saturation has lifted along with spirits, helped by the appearance of the sun yesterday. It'll be a long journey to full recovery and we're all praying for a break from the rains to allow businesses to get back on their feet.

In amongst this apocalyptic weather I've been planning for Monty's third birthday along with planning my first night away from the children. With the weather we've been having, neither feels as straightforward as it should do for July. I'm so looking forward to my time away - for a long time I couldn't imagine leaving the children overnight but I'm definitely ready for a little low-key adventure. Camping under current conditions may prove challenging but being near to the sea with good friends will make it completely worthwhile, I'm sure. I'm anticipating lots of reading, walking and long chats in cosy pubs.

Next week will be an emotional one, saying good-byes to people, places and a way of life. We'll all be taking big bold steps into the next stage of our lives. I'm grateful for a chance to stop and gather my strength before moving on.

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