Sunday, 22 July 2012


Amongst a week full to the brim, my baby turned three last week, so unnerving the way time plays its tricks on us again and again. One minute they're in your arms, the next they're charging around and, before you know it, they're talking about starting Kindergarten. Without you. He seems so ready to grow, this bold and loving boy of mine, so confident of his next move that it calms me. I don't grieve the loss of his babyhood because to watch him growing with such surety is a joy.

Of course, there are moments of a sweet sort of sadness for me. My world is changing along with theirs. We said goodbye this week to Monty's beloved Sally at our Parent and Child group, and I will miss that peaceful and regenerative space hugely. Eli also said goodbye to Kindergarten and comes home to me full time from September. These are the things that mark our journeys - endings, beginnings and birthdays.

We celebrated on the day of Monty's birthday with hot chocolates in a cafe and a rainy visit to the playground. On Saturday we had a party, with games and food and cricket in the park. Lots of wonderful people were there; it was a day of sunshiney goodness. Grandparents, uncles, cousins, grown up friends and little friends were all present to share Monty's birthday, to celebrate his little life and show their love. Growing up is what we're all doing one way or another and we know it isn't all ukuleles and birthday cake, but if we look about there will always be plenty of company to celebrate our triumphs, listen to our woes or to just help us have some very happy birthdays.

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