Monday, 2 July 2012


I'm fairly lazy when it comes to Pinterest (the 'virtual pinboard' dontcha know?). It's a great idea - you find things of interest when you're skipping about the web, then 'pin' them for later. Other people can see what you've saved and you can see theirs, it's a veritable feast of inspiration. Great ideas for kids catch on quickly and there's a big mass sharing of wonderfully fun things to do with your children. I'm only an occasional caller to my 'boards' and I'm rubbish at putting things up, but I'm also very grateful when I find a good activity.

This one involves bicarb and vinegar, always a fun combination in mini volcanoes and model rockets. The 'how to' is simple: Mix food colouring and vinegar and drop it onto a layer of bicarbonate of soda. Much fizzing and bubbling ensues which delights and amazes. The aesthetic element to this activity was particularly satisfying; watching the yellow and blue merge into green had me getting all annoyingly educational.


Needless to say, the boys absolutely loved it and had we had more bicarb, we could probably have continued playing for some time. I'm looking forward to being able to add more colours next time when I've sourced some more droppers. Truly fun for all the family.

(I couldn't resist putting up a picture of these gorgeous flowers that my friends brought round from their garden...beautiful.)

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