Sunday, 8 April 2012

Five years

It's now over a week since my cowboy turned 5. For him it was momentous. For us it was a little scary. We talked about the day he was born; how he changed our lives forever, how much love there was and is.

It so happened that on this special day, Monty fell off his bike and badly hurt himself; we were around a corner and did not see. This 5 year old of mine stepped into his big brother shoes and approached people to ask for help. As I came into view, I saw him in the distance reaching out to passing strangers and trying to get assistance. My heart lurched then and lurches now when I think of him feeling alone and scared without us. But I also feel such pride to have witnessed his courage and maturity in his brother's moment of need.

Needless to say we sped to the scene, and soon our farm park day out with Nanny was back on course. The next day we followed up the fun with a romp in the woods. Good friends were there, and treasure, and hot dogs...and cake. Birthdays are a big deal round here and I think this one was a good one.

Happy Birthday dear Eli x

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