Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Boy in the Starry Pyjamas

 Following these instructions, I made Eli two pairs of pyjama bottoms. Some may consider this vaguely deranged behaviour, but for me, this is soul-nourishing stuff. Let me explain; they weren't made in a third world sweatshop; they're made from super-soft flannel; they keep my boy warm and snuggly, they are an Act of Creation.

The brown ones are particularly jazzy I think. To complete the look, I appliqued a wee star onto a t-shirt with matching fabric. As captured below - Eli is obviously beside himself with delight. A grateful recipient is clearly the best reason for home-made pyjamas.


Henry Gibbons Guy said...

It's lovely dipping into your life through this blog. I like your life.

Selina Gough said...

I'm assuming this is Not Henry...I find it comforting that you are out there reading. Miss you all x