Thursday, 1 March 2012


She's here! Spring in all her wonder made her grand entrance yesterday! I turned my face up to the sun, allowed the warmth to fully sink into my pores and was amazed yet again by the ability of spring to bring renewed strength and vigour. Sometimes at the final cough of winter, just before rounding the end of February corner, I worry that I will not make it. It's so hard sometimes to hold on to the knowledge of the healing power of our sun. I think many of us start to feel a heaviness in body or heart and wonder if it's a permanent state. More than once did I remind myself and others to be gentle with ourselves, to be mindful that months of darkness take their toll on our resources of energy and positivity. It's good to welcome those dark months but it's equally good to bid them farewell.

'Wowjers' Monty exclaimed as we walked  out to see our narcissus glowing with light. I couldn't have put it better myself little one.

I'm hoping that this beautiful sun-filled day will be the first of many...

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