Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Spurred on by the late afternoon sun, we had a lovely couple of hours at our half-allotment in the middle of last week. Our little plot is part of the very exciting Redacre community growing project, which I hope to be able to post more about as the growing season slowly kicks in. Last year I slowly and painstakingly dug over half of the scrubby, stony soil and pondered that with two children in tow, there must be an easier way...There is! I saw this video and decided permaculture was the way to go, or my version of it. So instead of digging, swearing and sweating I have merely forked over some manure, chucked on a load of straw and cardboard, and will be planting my potatoes on these un-dug beds.

The boys enjoyed rolling around in the straw for a time but soon found plenty to distract them on our neighbouring plots.

I managed to plant a couple of strawberry plants but have already lost their labels and so have no idea of the variety.

They also took full advantage of the climbing/swinging construction erected by our friend and Redacre director Phil, who built this death-trap whilst looking after several children and a dog.


And here is the frog that Eli told me I'd trodden on. The very thought made me feel rather odd so I denied it heartily.

Loving those long late afternoon shadows...

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