Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Fresh air

This has been a bad winter and early spring for us, germ-wise. We seem to have had all manner of sniffles as well as the perma-cough that everyone around these parts seems to have suffered this year. As anyone with children will know - it is sheer misery when the whole family is ill. As a family with a complicated relationship with the TV, it's always tough to know how best to manage bouts of  lurgy. Obviously, I would prefer it if a more right-on version of super-nanny could sweep my children off and leave me to moan in peace, but as that's not usually an option I'm left to contemplate the path of least pain on my own. My general approach is to get us all out of the house. I know that perhaps this seems counter-intuitive but life outdoors with the boys is generally more peaceful than life here's a round-up of what we've been doing whilst dealing with the bugs... 

We visited 'the Boo' - home to the 'Horse and Bamboo' puppet theatre company - to watch their adaptation of Red Riding Hood. The production was absolutely stunning, storytelling and artistry at its most engaging. We all absolutely loved it, grandparents and anxious little boys included.

There's been plenty of bike-riding, along the canal and through the park on this particular day - and there was blossom...

Lastly, we've been lamb-spotting. This little one, casually lounging in the sun, is the very first we've seen. There's something primal about lambing season, the cycle of life, death and rebirth so obviously on display. The wheel has certainly turned, growth and fertility are upon the land. 

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