Friday, 2 November 2012

Red is the colour

Red. Lips, blood and rage.
Juicy fruits and warning lights, alluring and alarming. 

All the worst and best women wear red,
preferably shoes with narrow heels or a dress to arrest
the attention. Scarlet painted nails drumming
hotly on a tabletop. 
Red skies at night to delight 
passing shepherds.
Crimson love hearts painted onto Valentine's day cards.

Sorry for the dodgy poetry folks!


Melanie said...

Not dodgy at all! There's lovely imagery in there which really made me sit up and take notice - just like red's supposed to; like a robin's grab at your attention when you glimpse one, bright and bold, on a winter's day.

Really lovely photos too...

Selina Gough said...

Ha ha, thanks Melanie. It's funny, I very rarely write poetry let alone feel compelled to share it! But the sentences I was constructing for the post just seemed like they should be in verse. Sometimes it does us good to just fire stuff out there I think, although I don't think I'll be winning any competitions!