Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Nurture Photography Finale

This autumn has been a season of many photographs. Taking part in the Nurture Photography Challenge has prompted me to take my camera with me whenever I leave the house and to really discover beauty in the detail. A a result of all that looking I've got a fairly comprehensive record of this moment in our lives.

From the early stirrings of the season at Equinox to the bare trees and bleak skies that are the accompanying features of our current wanderings, each mood is captured. The light and landscape have changed, low winter sun now slants louchely through almost naked branches, illuminating surviving vegetation in a random and magical manner. Temperatures have dropped, there's a sniff of Christmas in the air.

The boys and I have walked widely during our autumn adventures and re-visited many favourite spots. If I'm honest, it will be harder for us to find the enthusiasm to get ourselves out there when the world looks barren and wet from our window, but I know we'll find a rhythm and joy with our winter explorations eventually. Promises of hot chocolate upon returning to the house will help to encourage us to pull on our boots and brave the elements. No doubt I will take my camera and continue my lessons in looking.


I'm incredibly grateful to Bumbles and Light and Live and Love out loud for this opportunity to share a season with others and for providing inspiration and focus for my (very amateur!) photography. It's been a real treat to browse through such delicious pictures and see how other bloggers have documented the changing year.

Here's to the next challenge...


Amanda Jillian B said...


Zunnur said...

The pictures are truly amazing. Nothing else could compare to the beauty of nature in its untouched purity.

abearbyanyothername said...

Selina tha is soooo rich, lush, abundant, nourishing... flip to thesaurus for more words of yumminess - they would all fit!

As you can see, I turned to the archive for sustenance as you seem to be "real worlding" at the moment, and I'm glad I did. Honestly, I hope you don't expect me to be monblogamous - a Bear could wither away if he didn't forage for himself. I only follow 2 blogs, and neither of you have posted for eons... although I'm reliably informed that you do talk in the pub. I'd join you if I could, but I'd have to wear a human mask... (they itch around the ears). I hope you are well nurtured and supported. Somehow I think my e-mail never reached you, so maybe this will let you know that I'm still enchanted by your gentle visions of natural beauty. Would it be too rude to ask for more? Big Bear hugs x

Selina Gough said...

Oh bear, how could I refuse such a beautiful request? It's so good to know you've been enjoying the archives. I have been busy in the real world and I've also taken to writing with with paper and pen - which takes up the little piece of time I usually spend here...but I will try, it is good to have visitors x