Thursday, 16 August 2012

A harvest...of sorts

This year on the allotment has been rather a disappointment on the whole. It's been a summer of strange and unsettling weather which has left many growers frustrated with their harvests. On our community allotment project it appeared that many people had just given up after the floods. For us, the biggest problem has probably been the expanding slug population, this year has brought them just the conditions they love. I've seen some absolutely enormous ones in people's compost bins - truly montrous.

Almost all the things I planted: courgettes, lettuce, radish, chard, beetroot, peas, had been cruelly chomped before they'd even got going and even my humble potato harvest had many casualties due to the merciless beasts. Having said that, I do have some potatoes...and that is a small triumph. Digging them up with excited children by my side and now cooking up them up are two of life's little pleasures. There weren't many so they won't last us long, but they are my own harvest and they are beautiful for that.

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