Monday, 18 June 2012

Easy peasy bunting

I have mixed feelings about bunting. The grown-up part of me that likes to think I have some taste finds bunting slightly silly and is despairing at the ubiquity with which bunting has entered the world of temporary decoration. The more child-like side of my character loves a nice bit of bunting, along with fairy lights and glittery edible dust on cupcakes.

I had been feeling like I hadn't done enough crafting with the boys recently and imagining that this was some massively important part of their childhood that was being neglected. And so, inspired by the banners at The Handmade Parade, easy bunting:

We cut some craft foam into little shapes - simple ones work best, triangles, stars etc, and hot glued them onto the top of some old thread bobbins, you could also use corks. I think I may have seen this stamping method, or a version of it, on Mayamade...

We then cut out some big coloured paper triangles, poured a tiny dollop of paint into some lids and stamped. At this point in proceedings, for reasons known only to him, Eli got really upset and frustrated and left me to finish his stamping.

He returned for the hole-punching and threading and seemed to really enjoy this bit...

And there we have it. A cheery string of bunting and an easy little project to do together.

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