Saturday, 13 July 2013

A quick explanation

It's been a while since I last blogged - something to do with real life being full to bursting and doing some things a little differently.

My little slices of time squeezed in around home educating and all the other stuff have changed a little of late. Whereas I would pull myself up at some time dictated by the lark and spend it tapping away at this blog; I now peer bleary eyed at real paper and scribble with a real pen - writing just for me. It's been good - possibly essential - and I need to continue to do it, but I also miss the company of a blog; the visitors, the critics, the wider community of millions and I miss a place to put my photographs. So I'll try and be here more regularly again, for a while.

I will attempt to go back to the beginning and re-find the stories of our spring into summer. The weather has been mostly kind, the days long and fun-filled; it has been a season of goodness and growing - both boys and green things and it delights me to say that there is yet more to come for all of us.

In the Autumn I will be starting a new module of study with the OU - a creative writing module. It will take nine months to complete and if I do well enough, it will hopefully see me finish a degree I started sixteen years ago. When that course starts, I fear I might disappear again for a while, but we'll see. In the meantime I'll try and pop in even if it's just for a quickie because habit is good - it can get things done.


Alice ~ Wandering Writer said...

oh the beauty of pen and paper... lovely. I love to visit blogs that don't bombard daily, it makes me feel warm to imagine those writers actually busy 'living' away from the computer :-) so I look forward to your updates when the fancy takes you! Good luck with the course, too. We are about to head into Lincolnshire, after which we are thinking West Yorkshire as we have family in Denby Dale... I will email you as would love to meet!

Ian Hill said...

Best of luck with the course. I am so impressed with the OU's approach and materials, I'm sure it will be fulfilling. We will, of course, miss your blog posts.....
Enjoy the rest of this lovely summer


Anonymous said...

A wish, a wish come true! And yet... Selina, dear heart, much as I love your writing, and take comfort in your gentle prose, I hear the soul nourishment you gain from writing for yourself, the growth and healing that your private pen brings you. I would not take you from it; I would not come between you and your heart's path.
Far better that I content myself with the archive, with a gentle smile for where you have been, and the true joy of knowing that your spirit is running free and vibrant somewhere, learning, growing, moving on, moving up.
Write not for me, howsoever I love it - write rather for yourself, and when it is right for you to share I will receive with joy, for those offerings will be richer, deeper, closer to your truth.
You have my gratitude, you have my respect, you have my blessings for your writing and your study. You have, if you wish, the knowledge that you really have helped me to be, well, me. You don't have any other name, of course, for you I will always be A Bear. And by any other name, a Bear will continue to post, when my own busyness permits, in the blog that you inspired me to start. Hmmm... You inspired me, and I introduced my daughter... I think we have pyramid blogging in action, so even if you never post again, your legacy will continue. Does that make you a Blogmother? Possibly a Faerie Blogmother? I might post on that, and see if it sparks a flame or a wildfire.
Live well, love well, write well...

Selina Gough said...

Thank you Alice, Ian and Bear.

Alice, it would be lovely to meet you - look forward to that email.

Ian, thanks - I've enjoyed studying with the OU before but perhaps I'm just a little nervous about how I'll fit it all in this time.

Bear - your comments are so uplifting and kind, I hope that one day I can to meet you too and thank you in person. I'd like to try and continue here to post here and I would only do it, if it felt right. It's so good to know that someone enjoys reading. x

Jill M Hodgson said...

Well done for determining to finish your degree with everything else you have going on. I'm sure it will be well worth it and you will obviously ace any Creative Writing course!