Sunday, 6 January 2013

Up in flames

Yesterday evening, with good friends on hand, I felt like I finally bid goodbye to the old year and welcomed in the new. Rob returns to work today and so I must shake off my festive sleepiness and sharpen my wits for the adventures and challenges to come.

There are exciting projects in the pipeline; a home to be packed up and moved; a blog to be kept up to date *ahem* and through it all, two children to love and nurture.

Although I'm busy making plans for the new year, I'm trying to remember to honour the season that is still upon us. Winter is not the time for great acts, we must be kind to ourselves and each other; take our time and go gently. Keep dreaming and rest while we can, soon enough we'll be called from hibernation and nudged into action by the waking world.

What have you said goodbye to with the old year? What projects and schemes are you planning for the new year?


sustainablemum said...

I am hoping to learn to crochet, take the children on their first sea kayak expedition and continue to enjoy life, this year

Selina Gough said...

Crochet and kayaking! I've been resisting crochet for a while as I feel like I'm still a beginner knitter but I'd like to give it a go at some point. Kayaking sounds amazing, will you need an instructor or are do you have enough experience yourself? I know this great little campsite on the Llyn peninsula in Wales where they will lend out kayaks and canoes if you know what you're doing. They're really lovely people and the campsite is run in an environmentally respectful way.

Jill Hodgson said...

Wonderful photos! Do you always burn your Christmas tree? It seems highly preferable to chucking it out onto the curb as people do here..... quite often the very next day, seeing as there's no concept of Boxing Day. I like the idea of a closure ceremony.
Did you find a buyer BTW?

Selina Gough said...

Happy New Year Jill! We haven't always burnt our tree but our friends introduced us to the idea a couple of years ago and this year felt like a really complete goodbye to the season. We're all encouraged to bring various leftovers and the kids devoured an entire gingerbread house before becoming a writhing mass of bodies on the trampoline. Shame that there isn't more of a 'come-down' where you are.

Yes, we found a buyer and we're currently in the midst of the ever confusing and stressful bit of proceedings where no-one really knows what's going on. How are your plans/dreams coming on?

Jill Hodgson said...

That sounds like such a good tradition!
I know what you mean about the house selling and buying process.... it all gets so complicated and out of one's hands yet so much at stake emotionally. Hope all goes well.
Still planning to move to NY in June., that will just be renting tho so not so stressful but huge change to embrace.

We're coming to Hebden for a week in August for a week..... very excited to see friends and family again!